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Dart family office has made significant financial investments, contributed meaningfully to economic, social and environmental sustainability and inspired new opportunities in the Cayman Islands for three decades. Passionately committed to the long-term success of this British Overseas Territory, Dart assists international family offices and business executives with understanding Cayman’s value proposition from a private sector perspective. From providing bespoke experiences and discreet introductions to sharing market insights based on proprietary data, prospective family offices and business executives can benefit from collaborating with Dart on their relocation analyses.

A British Overseas Territory

The Cayman Islands' constitutional relationship with the UK and its tax-efficient status instils investor confidence.

Ninety minutes from Miami with nonstop flights to major gateways in the US, Canada and to London Heathrow airport.

Convenient location

A democratically-elected government with low debt and a strong currency.



Excellent healthcare and education facilities, reliable telecoms and utilities and modern infrastructure – all in a beautiful, natural environment with tropical weather year-round.

Quality private client advisors with global experience, based in what the Global Complexity Index rated as “the easiest place in the world to do business.”

World-class Private Client Advisors

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Relocate to the Cayman Islands

Efficient, timely and discreet service.

Family offices and corporate executives have unique needs when considering relocating or expanding but all consider three important factors:

The suitability and stability of the jurisdiction

The business viability of relocation or expansion

The liveability of the place for family members and employees

The Dart team understands those considerations and has in-depth experience providing the assistance needed to navigate the process. With a commitment to discretion and confidentiality, and a genuine desire to help like-minded entities succeed, the following services are offered on a courtesy basis:

  • Assist with planning and hosting visits to assess the jurisdiction

  • Facilitating bespoke introductions and meetings with government and private client advisors

  • Providing custom market insights based on proprietary data

  • Conducting private residential and commercial property tours

  • Making social introductions and hosting island lifestyle experiences

“A rising tide raises all ships.” It is based on a belief that together is better and that by providing assistance to new investors, the results will benefit the future sustainability of the Cayman Islands.

Why does Dart extend these services?

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Our "Why Cayman" video guides are three-minute snapshots, offering specialist insights for those considering relocation to Cayman from the financial services, reinsurance and family office sectors.  These brief videos share what makes the Cayman Islands a leading financial centre and one of the best places on the planet to live and work.

Bespoke market research reports

Useful Legal Guides

The Cayman Islands:
A jurisdiction of choice for family offices

The Cayman Islands:
A preferred address for ultra-high-net-worth families

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Latest Insights

The Cayman Islands – a world-class innovation hub

In recent years, the Cayman Islands has gained a name for itself as a global hub for innovation and technology businesses, from start-ups and mid-sized enterprises, to major international corporations that run their operations from the Islands.

Why the Cayman Islands is the family office jurisdiction of choice: A Q&A with lawyer Bernadette Carey

The Dart family office was established on Grand Cayman over two decades ago, attracted by the attributes of close proximity to the United States, British Overseas Territory status, stable government and economy, and tax neutrality. Since then, many other family offices have recognised the benefits of having a presence in the Cayman Islands and the jurisdiction is now a preferred address.

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The Future of the Cayman Islands

The Dart group of companies is owned by Ken Dart, a sophisticated investor and entrepreneur who chose the Cayman Islands as his home and headquarters for his global family office. Dart has invested over US$1.7 billion in the Cayman Islands and is committed to continue investing in Cayman over the next 10 years.

Your Cayman connection

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89 Nexus Way, Camana Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The information provided herein reflects prevailing conditions and readily available data at the time it was compiled. It is subject to change without notice and should not be relied upon.

The benefits of Cayman STAR Trusts for family wealth and succession planning

The Cayman Islands has, over many years, continued to reinforce its position as a jurisdiction of choice for families seeking a stable location for the establishment and management of structures for their wealth and assets.